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Our Story

Ellie is the founder of Babetot, a women who is a mother of a 5-years-old girl.

Babetot Funder

When she was pregnant, she wanted everything is perfect and best for her baby. Like every mother, she wants to give her girl daughter the most comfortable and beautiful clothing. But it is very hard to choose from thousands of brands and stores. High Quality and Affordable Price, it is quite difficult to get them both.

As a designer, she thought why couldn't she make clothing for her own girl? She tries to make cloth at first, but when her daughter Immy was born and wore the cloth she made, lots of mothers asked for the brand and shopping like for her cloth.  Ellie knew what she would do now? Her second baby Babetot was born, selling baby and mommy's clothing. Why she named her brand babetot? Babe is baby, tot means trust of trust. Ellie believes that her business is based on trust. 

After 3 years grown up, Babetot is a big company now. We have our own designers, sales, marketing department and strong warehouse. But we are new and keep growing up like babies. Our purpose "High Quality and Affordable Price" never change, and never!

Babetot company